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ISBN-10 0072383321
ISBN-13 9780072383324
Publication Date 2001-06-01 00:00:00

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Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach

Yunus A. Cengel

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Product Description

The 4th Edition of Cengel & Boles Thermodynamics:An Engineering Approach is certain to takethermodynamic education to the next level through itsintuitive and innovative approach. A long-timefavorite among students and instructors alike becauseof its highly engaging, student-orientedconversational writing style, this book continues tobe the most widely adopted thermodynamics text in theU.S. and in the world, with translations to numerousother languages. In the 4th Edition the first law of thermodynamics is presented in a single chapter, using a highly intuitive and unified approach. Over 200 multiple-choice problems at the end of chaptersprepare the students for the Fundamentals ofEngineering (FE)exam, and can also be used for general review and quizzing. About 200 comprehensive computer problems, allow students to conduct real-world engineering analysis by performing in-depth parametric problem exploration where they plot the key variables and generate results by using the powerful and intuitive Engineering Equation Solver(EES) software tool (or other suitable programs). Detailed solutions for all text problems are included in the Instructor's Solutions Manual. The multimedia supplement package includes an Online Learning Center, Interactive Thermodynamics Tutorial, and the EES Limited Academic Version with solved sample problems and solutions to selected text problems.

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