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ISBN-10 0190457422
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In the Company of Others: An Introduction to Communication

J. Dan Rothwell

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Product Description

Communication competence is vital for attaining most goals in life. In order to help students apply theoretical lessons to their own skills,In the Company of Others uses an organizing "communication competence model" to provide students with direction and guidance as they explore and improve their own communication processes.

Marked by J. Dan Rothwell's signature wit, this new edition engages students more than ever with its lively mixture of examples (drawn from pop culture, sports, and today's headlines), anecdotes, and illustrations. Focusing on the contexts of interpersonal, small group, and public communication, this introductory text integrates coverage of gender and culture throughout, giving these areas special attention early on in Chapter 3. Further discussions include cultural differences in perception and non-verbal meanings, cross-cultural friendships and romantic relationships, and gender and cultural bias in the workplace. In addition, the text incorporates coverage of technology and its impact on communication throughout. Topics include virtual groups, technology's effect on dating relationships, and the use of PowerPoint in public speaking. The book also features distinctive coverage of power, treating it as a central variable within all communication.

A unique blend of research, scholarly insight, and humor, In the Company of Others, Third Edition, is ideal for introductory communication courses.

* Companion Website: Provides resources for both students (aids for speeches, research, web usage, study guides) and instructors (links to a variety of communication-related websites, chapter outlines, lecture assistance, student activities)
* Instructor's Manual: Includes an extensive Test Bank
* Instructor's Resource CD-ROM: Features PowerPoint lecture slides and a computerized Test Bank
* Student Success Manual: Offers study tips, chapter outlines and summaries, review questions, key terms, and critical thinking exercises

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