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ISBN-10 0415897300
ISBN-13 0415897300
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Case Conceptualization (Core Competencies in Psychotherapy Series)

Len Sperry

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Product Description

NOTE: After chapter 5 Biopsychosocial Case Conceptualization, the layout of the writing changes, putting large spaces between the Case Conceptualization Statement and the Predisposition/Treatment sections. This occurs for each case study throughout the remainder of the book.

This is the type of book instructors, trainees, and clinicians need―a short text that demystifies the case conceptualization process and provides a streamlined method for learning and mastering this competency. It presents an integrative model for conceptualizing cases, dispels common myths about case conceptualization, and provides straightforward guidelines and strategies for mastering this essential competency.

Writing clinically useful case conceptualizations is no longer optional today, and this training guide is the only resource you will need to increase your expertise and incorporate this competency in professional practice. Five detailed clinical case studies are referred to throughout the book, and exercises are presented at the end of the last five chapters to help readers in deriving Cognitive-Behavioral, Dynamic, Solution-Focused, Biopsychosocial, and Adlerian case conceptualizations from an integrative assessment. Drs. Len and Jonathan Sperry also address cultural sensitivity and offer guidelines for developing cultural conceptualizations and selecting culturally-sensitive treatments. All techniques are easy to understand and use, ensuring that readers will master this competency and feel confident applying it to difficult cases.

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