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ISBN-10 0470907193
ISBN-13 9780470907191
Publication Date 2013-12-31 00:00:00

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Ethics for Addiction Professionals

Jennifer D. Berton

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Product Description

Guidance for addiction counselors in understanding and applyingethical standards

Filled with proven strategies to help you examine your currentpractice for ethical snags and refresh your ethical thinking,Ethics for Addiction Professionals leads you in examining,building, and rebuilding aspects of your ethical practice with thegoal of helping you become the strongest clinicianpossible—ethically speaking.Up-to-date and comprehensive,this practical guide examines real-life examples of ethical issuesin clinical practice and illustrates potential pitfalls and theactions needed when faced with dilemmas. Helping addictioncounselors learn how to deal with and apply ethical standards,Ethics for Addiction Professionals explores the gray area ofcommon dilemmas and provides guidelines on how to determine thebest course of action when the best course is unclear.

  • Covers basic principles that affect current ethical concernsand dilemmas
  • Includes illustrative real-world case studies
  • Features well-defined professional codes of ethics
  • Treats ethics as a set of guidelines designed to protect theclient, the clinician, and the profession as a whole

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