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ISBN-10 0962916471
ISBN-13 0962916471
Publication Date 1995-07-04 00:00:00

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Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art: Drawing from the Center

Barry M. Cohen

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Product Description

Three art therapists have collaborated to produce this unique workbook. Designed especially for trauma survivors, Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art introduces inventive ways to understand, manage, and transform the aftereffects of trauma. This dynamic workbook consists of carefully structured step-by-step art projects, augmented by tearout images, and writing experiences. The book's first section, Developing Basic Tools For Managing Stress, is devoted to establishing a safe framework for trauma resolution. The second section, Acknowledging and Regulating Your Emotions, helps the trauma survivor to make sense of overwhelming emotional experiences. The final section, Being and Functioning in the World, focuses on self and relational development, leading into the future. Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art will inspire survivors to explore the aftermath of traumatic stress as it affects self-image, relationships with others, and functioning in the world. The 26 projects in this book encourage creative growth and help to establish a sense of personal safety, while exploring and honoring feelings of anger, fear, shame, and sadness. The art experiences are broad enough to be of value to survivors of a wide variety of traumatic experiences, ranging from childhood abuse to accidents to disabling mental illness. This workbook offers an opportunity to everyone, regardless of previous experience or artistic talent, to manage symptoms of traumatic stress in a creative, life-affirming way.

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