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ISBN-10 0970267126
ISBN-13 9780970267122
Publication Date 2018-07-16 20:14:00

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Foundations of Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Assessment of Children Sixth Edition

Jerome Sattler

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Product Description

Like it's predecessors, this edition is designed for students and professionals interested in behavioral assessment, personality assessment, and child clinical assessment. Major revisions make this book more comprehensive, relevant, readable, up to date, and informative! New chapters are added on executive functions, bullying and cyberbullying, and testifying as an expert witness. Included are new semistructured interviews, DSM-5 forms for ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, and handouts for parents and teachers containing instructional and behavioral support strategies and strategies to help prevent bullying and cyberbullying. Features: A list of major headings and goals and objectives are provided at the beginning of each chapter A Thinking Through the Issues section; a summary section of each major topic area; a list of key terms, concepts, and names and the page on which each appears; and study questions serve as useful learning aids Forms for conducting systematic behavioral observations, self-monitoring assessments, and functional behavioral assessments Glossaries containing acronyms, legal terms and concepts, and measurement terms Humorous cartoons touching on assessment, psychology, and education provide comic relief, while serving as teaching and learning tools

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