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ISBN-10 0991248295
ISBN-13 0991248295
Publication Date 2018-10-07 00:00:00

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Diane Alber

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Product Description

This story takes you on a journey with a group of SPOTS who are on a quest to bring happiness by being SPOTTED!

With silly rhymes that will make kids laugh and modern illustrations to keep them captivated this book is so much fun! Because SPOTS doesn't end with the last page, children will be searching for "spots" literally everywhere they look!

SPOTS can be on a loud cow or a stinky pig. On the bottom of a question mark. In colorful art. You can even make your own SPOTS and make monsters or spiders or even a wiggly caterpillar.

Let your kids open their eyes to the world of SPOTS all around them, and you'll be amazed to see how many SPOTS they can find!

If you and your child liked I'm Not just a Scribble..., Splatter, & Snippets - it's time to start spotting SPOTS!

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