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The Temple Revealed in the Garden: Priests and Kings (Volume 2)

Dinah Dye

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Product Description

The Garden in Eden was filled with fruit-producing trees, sprouting plants and grasses, and gently flowing rivers. Adam, God’s chosen king/priest, was called to cultivate the garden’s fertile soil, to guard the sacred space from external enemies, and to rule over the earth. After breaking covenant with YHWH, his king, Adam was banished to the field, a place of thorns and thistles, where he became a slave to the earth. "The Temple Revealed in the Garden: Priests and Kings" examines the Garden story from an ancient Near East perspective. It explores new ideas and concepts about the oldest story in the world by presenting fictional vignettes, scholarly research, and practical application for today. The book will challenge the reader to think outside the box. Bodie Thoene, the winner of eight Gold Medallion Awards and author of over 65 works of historical fiction, had this to say: "This incredible book helps show us the wonders of God's great love and plan for us from the very beginning of creation. If you want to glimpse great and holy wonders, I highly recommend this beautiful book. It is for you who want to explore the unknown beauty beneath the surface of the deep waters of Torah. It is for you who long to climb the branches of the tree that reaches from earth, high into heaven's glories."

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