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ISBN-10 0998928526
ISBN-13 0998928526
Publication Date 2019-03-26 20:18:00

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Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs

Benjamin E. Caldwell

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Product Description

This fifth edition is updated to 2018 law and professional ethics codes, and includes new information on Supervision, Employment Law, Family Law, Telehealth Platforms, and more. Written by a therapist for other therapists (and therapists in training), Basics of California Law takes the many nuances of California law and regulation and puts them in digestible, easy-to-apply language. It covers all three of California's major masters-level mental health professions: Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counseling, and Clinical Social Work. Topics covered include Licensing, Supervision, Unprofessional Conduct, Confidentiality, Documentation, Families and Children, Abuse Reporting, Business & Marketing, Technology, and Advocacy. The text includes more than 500 footnotes identifying specific articles, links, and sections of California law and regulation that serve as reference material for this text. Basics of California Law for LMFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs has been praised as "the comprehensive resource I've wanted for my graduate school courses" by Kathy Wexler, LMFT, LPCC. Diane Gehart, author of Mastering Competencies in Family Therapy, calls it "an indispensable resource for students, educators, and practicing clinicians." It is perfect for students learning about the state laws governing their profession, interns preparing for their licensing exams, and clinicians keeping current on state law. Author Benjamin E. Caldwell, PsyD teaches law and ethics for graduate programs at California State University Northridge in Los Angeles and The Wright Institute in Berkeley.

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