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Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice

Derald Wing Sue

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Product Description

The most frequently cited, widely used, and critically acclaimed text on multicultural counseling

In addition to significant revisions and updates reflecting changes in the field, Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, Sixth Edition features new chapters on:

  • Multicultural counseling competence for minority mental health professionals
  • Multicultural evidence-based practice
  • Culturally competent assessment
  • Poverty and counseling

Filled with numerous examples, authentic vignettes, and practical case studies, Counseling the Culturally Diverse, Sixth Edition remains the best source of real-world multicultural counseling preparation for students and an influential guide for professionals.

"This edition adds the latest hot-button issues in the multicultural world .... Everything you ever wanted to know about multicultural counseling is included in this edition. It continues to be the standard for any mental health professional treating persons from racial/ethnic minority populations .... It is authoritative, illuminating, and clinically compelling."
—Melba Vasquez, PhD, ABPP, Past President, of the American Psychological Association; independent practice, Austin, Texas

"Counseling the Culturally Diverse, Sixth Edition is a phenomenal piece of work that is comprehensive in scope, penetrating in its insights, and pragmatic in the way it teaches the reader how to navigate the pathways of culture."
—Thomas A. Parham, PhD, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, University of California, Irvine Distinguished Psychologist, Association of Black Psychologists

"Counseling the Culturally Diverse continues its tradition of defining the field and charting a proactive course for training a new decade of counselors and therapists for culturally competent practice in our increasingly culturally diverse and globally interconnected society. If only one book was to be read in an entire master's or doctoral program in counseling or psychology, it should be Counseling the Culturally Diverse."
—Joseph G. Ponterotto, PhD, Professor, Fordham University, and practicing multicultural psychologist

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