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Readings for Diversity and Social Justice

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Product Description

For nearly 20 years, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice has been the trusted, leading anthology to cover a wide range of social oppressions from a social justice standpoint. With full sections dedicated to racism, religious oppression, classism, ableism, youth and elder oppression, as well as an integrative section dedicated to sexism, heterosexism, and transgender oppression, this bestselling text goes far beyond the range of traditional readers. New essay selections in each section of this fourth edition have been carefully chosen to keep topic coverage timely and readings accessible and engaging for students. The interactions among these topics are highlighted throughout to stress the interconnections among oppressions in everyday life. A Table of Intersections leads you to selections not in the section dedicated to an issue.

Retaining the key features and organization that has made Readings for Diversity and Social Justice an indispensable text for teaching issues of social justice while simultaneously updating and expanding its coverage, this new edition features:

  • Over 40 new selections considering current topics and events such as the Black Lives Matter movement, workplace immigration raids, gentrification, wealth inequality, the disability rights of prisoners and inmates, and the Keystone XL pipeline protests.
  • An updated companion website with additional resources and short classroom-friendly videos that further complement the readings in each section.
  • A holistic approach to sexism, gay, lesbian, trans and gender-queer oppression that challenges widely-held assumptions about the usual practice of separating analyses of sex and gender binaries.
  • A more optimistic focus on the role of social justice at all levels of society, whether personal, institutional local, or global, and the intersections among them.

Offering over 140 selections from some of the foremost scholars in a wide range of fields, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice is the indispensable volume for every student, teacher, and social justice advocate.

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