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ISBN-10 130563800X
ISBN-13 9781305638006
Publication Date 2016-01-01 00:00:00

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An Invitation to Health

Dianne Hales

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Product Description

Explore the latest edition of AN INVITATION TO HEALTH, where renowned author Dianne Hales helps you commit to a healthier lifestyle. From physical and mental health to social and sexual issues, this personal health text candidly explores the mind, body, and spirit, and shows you how to start making improvements today. Readings include a new chapter on consumer health, with "Consumer Alert" features to critically evaluate your health care options. You will also discover how to live healthily on a tight budget while making small changes that yield big benefits. More than a superficial self-help approach, AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: The Power of Now! presents hard data in meaningful ways, such as ACHA's 2013 National College Health Assessment, which shows where your health stands among peers. And you can make even greater strides with MindTap, complete with health self-assessments, behavior change labs, and other tools that lead you to better health--and learning!

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