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ISBN-10 1451175353
ISBN-13 1451175353
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BRS Pharmacology (Board Review Series)

Gary C. Rosenfeld Ph.D.

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Product Description

BRS Pharmacology is designed for medical students, dental students, and other students preparing to enter the health care professions. It is intended primarily to help students prepare for licensing examinations, such as the USMLE, but can be used for course review or as a supplementary text. This book presents succint descriptions of how drugs act on the major body systems, providing readers with vital information without overloading them with extraneous details. Written with a body systems approach, the book begins with a chapter devoted to the general principles of drug mechanisms, and continues with chapters that detail how drugs act on the major body systems. Other chapters discuss numerous popular drugs, like autocoids, ergots, anti-inflammatory drugs, and immunosuppresive agents. Readers will also learn about drugs used to treat anemia, disorders of hemostatis, infectious diseases, and cancer. Additionally, the text covers pharmacological principles associated with toxicology.

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