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ISBN-10 1472820576
ISBN-13 9781472820570
Publication Date 2018-01-23 00:00:00

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Battle of Britain 1940: The Luftwaffe’s ‘Eagle Attack’ (Air Campaign)

Doug Dildy

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Product Description

The Battle of Britain was one of the most iconic campaigns of World War II, where the "Few" of the Royal Air Force took on the might of the German Luftwaffe. At stake was not just air superiority over the British Isles--a German victory would enable Hitler's plan to invade and conquer the last Allied country left fighting.

While most narratives of the battle focus on the brave pilots of Fighter Command, this book tells it from the perspective of the German strategists as they attempted to clear the skies over Britain. Explaining Hermann Göring's plans, the Luftwaffe's capabilities in 1940, the RAF's defenses, and how the fierce aerial battles over south-east England were fought, this fully illustrated fresh study is based on original documents and new analysis by an expert on the campaign.

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