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ISBN-10 1496313801
ISBN-13 1496313801
Publication Date 2016-03-30 00:00:00

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Grant's Dissector

Alan J. Detton PhD

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Product Description

Grant’s Dissector , Sixteenth Edition , now revised to meet the needs of today’s gross anatomy dissection courses, remains the go-to guide for dissection in the anatomy lab. This classic manual provides step-by-step dissection procedures with the instruction and anatomical detail you need to recognize important relationships revealed through dissection. Each chapter is consistently organized beginning with a “Dissection Overview,” followed by detailed “Dissection Instructions,” and concluding with a “Dissection Follow-up.”

The Dissection Overview provides a blueprint of what you will accomplish during the dissection session, and includes relevant surface anatomy as well as concise coverage of osteology. Dissection Instructions offer a logical sequence and numbered steps for the dissection. The Dissection Follow-up emphasizes important features of the dissection and encourages you to reflect on and synthesize the information.
  • Newly revised for easy-to-follow consistency throughout every chapter.
  • Dissection Overviews now include numbered, step-by-step instructions to guide you through relevant surface anatomy and osteology.
  • Each step in the Dissection Instructions has been carefully reworded to clarify and improve the dissection experience.More than 30 new summary tables provide an excellent review resource and make the dissection steps more task-oriented and concise.
  • Dissection Follow-up sections now contain a numbered list of tasks to perform following the dissection.
  • Revised abdominal wall and head dissection instructions offer effective new approaches to these complex anatomical regions.
  • More than 100 modified or brand-new illustrations throughout.
  • Conveniently cross-referenced to Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy and three other unique atlases for appropriate illustrations of each anatomical area.
  • Clinical Correlation boxes are integrated into instructions and provide context for health care practice.

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