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The Lifegiving Table Experience: A Guided Journey of Feasting through Scripture

Sally Clarkson

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Product Description

This companion study to The Lifegiving Table by popular author Sally Clarkson will help you discover the faith-growing, relationship-building power of coming together over meals and special occasions.

Food and meals have great significance in the stories of the Bible. Jesus ushered in His ministry by providing new wine―the best of wine―at a wedding feast. The final evening before Jesus was going to be crucified, He strategically set the stage for His most profound messages to be shared with His inner circle during a meal. Following Scripture’s example, Sally Clarkson believes that meals lovingly served at home can be a significant tool in the lives of our family and friends, opening hearts and providing a setting for connection, counsel, and affection.

Join Sally and her family in this guided experience (for groups or individuals) to discover how food, faith, and Scripture come together in your everyday life―becoming the means of passing on God’s love and truth to each person who breaks bread with us.

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