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ISBN-10 1556203217
ISBN-13 1556203217
Publication Date 2014-06-24 00:00:00

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ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, Seventh Edition

Barbara Herlihy

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Product Description

Absolutely required reading for all counselors, clinicians,
and counselors-in-training, the seventh edition of
this fully updated, top-selling text provides a detailed
examination of the newly revised ACA Code of Ethics.
Find out what is new in the 2014 Code and which
sections have undergone the most significant revision to
ensure your understanding of and compliance with the
most current ethical standards in the field.

In this casebook, each individual standard of the new
Code is provided with an illustrative case vignette, and a Study and Discussion Guide
is presented at the beginning of each major section of the Code. Primary ethical
issues commonly encountered by counselors in their work are then presented in
individual chapters, with accompanying case studies. Topics addressed include
client rights and informed consent, social justice and advocacy, confidentiality,
counselor competence, working with multiple clients, boundary issues, client
danger to self or others, counselor training and supervision, and the relationship
between law and ethics. Chapters new to this edition explore value conflicts and
the issues surrounding social media and new technology. In addition, a new section
on putting ethics into practice contains detailed, complex case studies that are
representative of real-world practice, as well as small group activities to facilitate
learning and discussion.

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