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ISBN-10 1594606277
ISBN-13 1594606277
Publication Date 2008-12-01 00:00:00

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Behavioral Family Therapy

An Evidence Based Guide for Clinicians

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Product Description

Accountability has become the focus of therapy. Parents and spouses in therapy want positive change for their money. This book delivers the goods. Rather than leaving clients to guess whether therapy is working, data verifying the increased frequency of positive behavior and the decreased frequency of negative behavior (along with the desired emotions/feelings) provide the answer. Behavioral Family Therapy not only reviews the theoretical background for change but provides detailed hands-on directives, scripts, and forms/charts for immediate use. It is the ultimate behavioral handbook for the therapist who treats marriages and families. Three chapters of case histories reveal both successes and failures and leave no doubt about how to help parents and spouses achieve their family and marital goals.

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