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ISBN-10 161180471X
ISBN-13 161180471X
Publication Date 2018-08-21 00:00:00

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Draw, Paint, Sparkle: Creative Projects from an Elementary Art Teacher

Patty Palmer

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Product Description

25 kid-tested lessons in drawing and painting—perfect for children ages 5 to 10
Encourage and empower kids to make art! The 25 art lessons in this book present step-by-step drawing instructions paired with a range of painting techniques and styles for endless creative exploration. Designed by an elementary art teacher, each creative exploration offers tips on using the best art materials (that won’t break the bank), shares art-making techniques that add variety and ease to the projects, and provides insights on engaging kids in the process. The lessons include:
·         Beginner projects. Discover easy ways to get started making art. Through flexible instructions, you’ll create big and bold paintings.
·         Art lessons inspired by the masters. With projects based on celebrated painters like Van Gogh and Monet to contemporary artists like James Rizzi and Jackson Pollock, you’ll explore a range of painting techniques and styles.
·         Paintings inspired by nature. Draw and paint familiar and imagined landscapes and animals as a fun way to engage with art.
More than just a simple how-to draw and paint book, Draw, Paint, Sparkle is an invitation for kids to unleash their creativity through color and paint.

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