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ISBN-10 1616101660
ISBN-13 9781616101664
Publication Date 2014-06-01 00:00:00

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Product Description

Draw back the curtain on the world of theatre and learn how the magic of a great stage performance is created. Designed for theatre appreciation students and written in an engaging style, this book is an ideal introduction to all aspects of theatre.

Learn about the variety of ways professional actors approach their roles. Meet the people you won’t see during a performance but who are essential in bringing a production to life: writers, directors, set designers, tailors, carpenters, electricians, stagehands, light and sound technicians, riggers, ushers, supervisors, and stage managers. From casting to run-throughs to wardrobe, this book includes interviews with those involved in the creation process from beginning to end. Eye-opening details about acting techniques, directing, and production design may inspire you to audition or work behind the scenes yourself.

Special topics, including Shakespeare, the American musical, and world theatre, provide examinations into unique genres, and an overview of the fascinating history of theatre provides the
necessary background to understand and enjoy live performances. The expert contributors to Theatrical Worlds reveal unexpected connections between the stage and such diverse fields as languages and literature, psychology, music, science, law, journalism, and business. After reading this book you’ll gain a deeper awareness of the many layers of artistry
behind the wonders of theatre.

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