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ISBN-10 1683640675
ISBN-13 9781683640677
Publication Date 2018-06-01 00:00:00

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The Return to Ourselves: Trauma, Healing, and the Myth of Normal

Dr. Gabor Mate

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Product Description

What if everything from diseases like arthritis and cancer to addictions and impulsive behaviors were traceable to childhood trauma—and that trauma was actually built into our society? What if our attempts to be “normal” in a dysfunctional culture actually create more illness? In The Return to Ourselves, Dr. Gabor Maté presents a powerful audio program to help us repair the inevitable damage we all experience from growing up in a world of disconnection. Here he guides us through inquiries and practices to explore and heal the early trauma that separates us from our essential value and self-worth—so we may return to the inherent wholeness that is always present within.

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