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ISBN-10 1888692138
ISBN-13 9781888692136
Publication Date 2017-05-08 00:00:00

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10 Gifts of Heart: What Your Child Needs to Take to Heart Before Leaving Home

Sally Clarkson

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Product Description

Every parent wants their child to grow into a gracious and competent adult. Faith, character, manners, initiative, gratitude—these are just a few of the qualities and skills children need to take to heart before they leave home. Yet parents today do not always have a clear vision for how to cultivate those traits. What does it look like for a mother to train her child’s heart to excellence and goodness? In 10 Gifts of Heart, Sally Clarkson shares biblical wisdom and practical insights from over thirty years of motherhood to show the way.

You’ll be motivated and empowered in this friendly and accessible book to accept the challenge to spiritually influence and direct your child’s heart. That kind of heart training is hard work, though, so 10 Gifts of Heart is filled with personal examples, engaging stories, practical suggestions, and heartfelt encouragement for moms in the thick of raising children. It is, at its heart, a book of vision and inspiration for shaping your child’s heart to want to follow and please God.

(Revised and expanded version of 10 Gifts of Wisdom, 2014, Home for Good Books)

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