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ISBN-10 1483349772
ISBN-13 1483349772
Publication Date 2015-03-18 00:00:00

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Thriving!: A Manual for Students in the Helping Professions

Lennis G. Echterling

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Product Description

Written in a conversational and engaging style, this updated and expanded Third Edition of Thriving! helps future counselors and therapists to succeed in their training and professional development throughout their graduate careers.  Authors Lennis G. Echterling, Jack Presbury, Eric Cowan, A. Renee Staton, Debbie C. Sturm, Michele Kielty, J. Edson McKee, Anne L. Stewart, and William F. Evans collaborated to create an informative and inspirational book that includes an overview of the literature, personal accounts from students, practical tips/activities, and the latest coverage of such topics as advances in neuroscience research, crisis intervention, and more!

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