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ISBN-10 1888692294
ISBN-13 1888692294
Publication Date 2015-08-12 00:00:00

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Own Your Life Bible Study Guide and Planner: Faith-building companion book to Own Your LIfe

Sally Clarkson

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Product Description

Own Your Life has inspired thousands of readers around the world with Sally Clarkson’s personal encouragement to live courageously, have great faith, and become a person of influence. Sally wants to help each person to discover the fullness of God’s design for their life. • Do you long for fresh inspiration to renew your vision for life? • Does your heart yearn to do something meaningful for God? • Does your spirit desire to grow closer and go deeper with the Lord? A renewed life is within your reach, but you will need to make a plan to create the legacy of faith you envision. The Own Your Life Bible Study Guide and Planner will help you personally, or your small group, begin that journey of faith and planning. As you walk with Sally through eighteen inspiring stories from her life, and interact with the Bible passages she provides, you will find new direction from the Holy Spirit for living a flourishing life. Start here to refresh your faith and renew the biblical ideals God has put in your heart.

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