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ISBN-10 B07D1NV9C4
ISBN-13 978B07D1NV9C9
Publication Date 2018-05-11 00:00:00

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Break Hard: A Steel Veins MC

Jackson Kane

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Product Description

Bad guys like me?
We crave violence, danger, and someone warm in our beds.
Someone like her.
Star is beautiful and surprisingly strong.
But saving her was a mistake for the both of us.
It would have been easier if I'd let my MC kill her when they were getting revenge on her uncle.
Now it's too late. I don't want sympathy or forgiveness.
I just want her.

I thought boredom was going to kill me in my tiny little town.
Then Remy and the vicious Steel Veins MC showed up.
With his smoldering eyes and cut-from-marble body,
he's devastatingly handsome, hauntingly mysterious...
And a coldblooded murderer.
I'm the only witness to their crimes,
but Remy kidnapped me instead of killing me.
He's the only one protecting me from the rest of his gang.
As dangerous as he is... his darkness is drawing me to him.
Every moment we're together, resisting him becomes harder.
Could I really fall for the bad guy?

NOTE: Break Hard: Steel Veins MC is a 120,000 word full-length stand-alone novel about a hero who will do anything to keep his woman and is raw, edgy and real in parts. There are also sensitive situations depicted. Any reader who feels they should not venture into a story told with a real edge on reality in the world of an MC, should consider this before reading…. Break Hard. Bonus content included

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